July 2014

Installing a main in an over-cut near Erhard, MN.
Installing 4" in a township road in Wilkin County.

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July 2014 Update

  • Summertime Mains: The best time to put in your mains and get your tiling project underway is now during the slow time of the summer. Then, when your crops are off in the fall, we come in and finish it up with the laterals and you are that much closer to improving your yield for future years. 
  • PP Specials this month : We have Prevented Planting Specials this month. Get signed up before the end of the month to enjoy the savings and improve your yield at the same time! Call or e-mail us for more information.
  • PP Fun Fact: Drain Tiling is the best way to prevent, prevented planting from happening to your field because of the wet weather. 
  • Big News for MN Farmers: The Minnesota Senate is in the process of amending the statue that could ultimately exempt agricultural drain tile from sales tax. On March 26, 2014 a farmer and client of ours, Robbie Ehlert, from Wilkin County was privelaged to testify on behalf of the bill about why drain tile should be exempt from sales tax. To listen to the audio, please play the video below.
  • For more information on this specific tax issue or to contact your local representative (located at the bottom of MN Senate website page) please visit the MN State Legislature Webiste
  • Drain tile has once again proved it works wonders on yields in 2013. Farmers have seen great crop, a great yield and some farmers have said that it was the best year they have had on their tiled ground. 
  • Don't mess around with more land, IMPROVE the land you have to it's greatest potential! Give us a call and we will get you a FREE estimate on what it will take to make your land more profitable, worth more, and increase your yield potential for years. 


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