October 2015

Pro Ag Drain: Proudly Serving The Red River Valley

Installing 4" Pipe in Wilkin County, MN.
Installing an 8" main near Doran, MN.

October 2015 Update 

  • HARVEST TIME : We want to wish everyone a safe and happy harvest this year!
  • WE ARE ONE OF A KIND! We are a family owned business -- we stand behind our designs and our work. A few things that make us stand out are... 
    • We design your field to the best of our ability and will NOT install a mediocre system. **We want you to have the best possible yield increase for your field.  
    • We switch out ALL boots to fit the size pipe we are installing. We use a spoon to saddle all our pipe in virgin ground and we use a ROUND boot box for installing dual wall. **This is vital in having a drainage system that works and will last as well as greatly reducing risk to pipe collapsing. 
    • Our plow operator has over 7 years experience. 
    • We are a small local business....and we like it that way. 
  • We are here to help you with all your drainage needs. Call us for a FREE estimate on your field and get started tiling today!
  • Get your 1026 completed now so you don't have to wait to install drain tile on your field! Go to your local NRCS office and watershed board, fill out the 1026 and wait to hear back from them to get the approval. 
  • Click on the link below to view & print the 1026 form.  http://forms.sc.egov.usda.gov/efcommon/eFileServices/eForms/AD1026.PDF 
  • Don't mess around with more land, IMPROVE the land you have to it's greatest potential! Give us a call and we will get you a FREE estimate on what it will take to make your land more profitable, worth more, and increase your yield potential for years. 


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Our Services

  • Drainage System Design
  • Installation of Drain Tile 

       Main Installation

       Pattern Tile

       Target Tile

  • Installation of Lift Stations