November 2015

Pro Ag Drain: Proudly Serving Minnesota & North Dakota

Installing 4" Pipe in Wilkin County, MN.
Pattern tiling a quarter west of Foxhome, MN.

November 2015 Update 

  • ARE YOU READY? : If you are ready for a positive change in your yields, want to increase your land value, and have an amazing return on your investment.. then you are ready to tile! Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail for your FREE estimate and we will get you on the road to higher yields. 
  • WE ARE ONE OF A KIND! We are a family owned business -- we stand behind our designs and our work. A few things that make us stand out are... 
    • We design your field to the best of our ability and will NOT install a mediocre system. **We want you to have the best possible yield increase for your field.
    • We switch out ALL boots to fit the size pipe we are installing. We use a spoon to saddle all our pipe in virgin ground and we use a ROUND boot box for installing dual wall. **This is vital in having a drainage system that works and will last as well as greatly reducing risk to pipe collapsing. 
    • Our plow operator has over 7 years experience. 
    • We are a small local business....and we like it that way. 
  • We are here to help you with all your drainage needs. Call us for a FREE estimate on your field and get started tiling today!
  • Don't mess around with more land, IMPROVE the land you have to it's greatest potential! Give us a call and we will get you a FREE estimate on what it will take to make your land more profitable, worth more, and increase your yield potential for years. 


Now scheduling Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 Tile Projects!

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  • Drainage System Design
  • Installation of Drain Tile 

       Main Installation

       Pattern Tile

       Target Tile

  • Installation of Lift Stations